The World Above, Below and All Around Us

I would just like to congratulate whoever is reading this for surviving another day in this crazy world we all attempt to coexist in. For some of you, this may seem silly to even acknowledge but in my world, there are very few things that do not deserve celebration; surviving another day in the midst of the 2016 elections is not one of them. So, anyway, good job guys, keep on surviving (and thriving)!

Now, let’s just jump right in, shall we? Never in my worst nightmares did I think I would be “one of those people”, you know, the kind of person who decides to start a blog because clearly, everything that I have to say or have an opinion on is so special and absolutely needs to be heard by everyone around me… Yeah. Not exactly.

As for myself, I am just your (not so normal) 23 year old, forging my own path through life, making countless mistakes along the way and learning something new and beautiful every damn day. At my age it can be so easy to fall victim to the pressures of our society, to let your family or those around you decide what is best for your future. The desire to never want to disappoint your loved ones does not go away or even lessen as you get older. In my case I have learned that while they may not always agree with your life choices, when it comes down to it, they will always love you and be there for you in the end. I have had to learn to chase my dreams on my own terms, regardless of the opinions of family members. If I am being completely honest, the day I realized that, is the day I truly began living my life; not theirs.

I am a few months shy of 2 years post Grad and let me tell you, it is definitely not all it is hyped up to be. Don’t get me wrong, I love that I went to college and had all of those experiences, they made me the woman I am today. I just can’t help but wonder if there was something else I could have done with those four years of my youth? I hate that I even think about life in those terms and that is exactly why I promised myself that my life after graduation wouldn’t be about rushing to find my tiny spot in the work force and staying there for the unforeseeable future. I knew that after dedicating the previous 17 years of my life to the standardized education system, I owed it to myself to just simply “be”. To be present in the world around me without a set agenda, to let my mind wander and roam to places that were not part of an assignment given by a professor, to allow myself the freedom to get up and go to an unfamiliar country solely out of curiosity, and most importantly, to be my own source of inspiration and motivation.

As we all know, time waits for no one. Every single day we are given here on earth is another chance to make amends with someone from your past, remind someone how special they are in your life, to call up that old friend you have been missing for quite some time now just to simply say “hello” and for finally realizing your full potential and taking that crazy leap of faith towards living out your wildest dreams. There is this quote that I try to remind myself of every day that truly inspires me to be fearless, hopefully it will do the same for you! Until next time…

“I want to taste and glory in each day, and never be afraid to experience pain.” – Sylvia Plath

All My Love,




  1. Irene · March 23, 2016

    That is amazing

    Liked by 1 person

    • sea the sunshine · March 23, 2016

      Thank you so much!!! ❤ Many more posts to come so be on the look out and check back often!


  2. Cynthia · March 23, 2016

    WOW! YOU amaze me, who would of thought the baby girl whom I once had the priveledge to care for as an infant dressing up and making my own photo settings to get a Polaroid picture of, is the one person that I know isn’t afraid to be explore,.speak her mind and just be a free bird. This is all way beyond my imagination. As your aunt I just want to tell you, first that I Love you for being you, and I’d like to Thank you for never passing judgement on my life. You inspire and motivate me to want to try a new path in life. I admire how much of a free child you are. May God grant you with all that your precious heart desires #Keepbloggingbaybeh

    Liked by 1 person

    • sea the sunshine · March 23, 2016

      Thank you so much aunt Cyn!!!! I love you and have always looked up to you. If anyone knows how to keep smiling and remain positive in tough situations it is YOU! ❤ I'll keep writing as long as you promise to keep reading! Haha love ya and see you soon!


  3. Amy · March 23, 2016

    Sweet girl, I am thrilled with the awesome person you are. You are blessed to have so many people wishing you well and loving you so much. Looking forward to more blogs.
    Love ya, Amy Z

    Liked by 1 person

    • sea the sunshine · March 23, 2016

      Thank you Amy!! I definitely am extremely thankful for everyone in my life. ❤


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