For All the Moms

This is for all the moms,

Who were overcome with emotion on the day they found out they were pregnant.

Who accepted the challenge of creating a human being within themselves.

Who sacrificed their bodies in order to carry us around for 9 months and would do it all over again in a heart beat.

Who withstood the unbearable pains that child labor creates and somehow came out a stronger woman with that sound of our first cry in the hospital room.

Who were scared out of their minds that first night out of the hospital and settled in at home. Is there a manual for this?

Who spent weeks on end with little to no sleep because I was apparently a very hungry child.

Who watched us grow from these tiny, helpless infants into curious and mischievous toddlers.

Who were there to kiss our scraped knees as children, our first scraped hearts as teenagers and for the rest of our lives.

Who bathed us, clothed us, fed us, got us to school on time every day and still somehow managed to be a full-time employee aside from being a full time Mommy.

Who 16 years after giving birth, laid awake at night yet again scared as hell, this time without us, the first time we were behind the wheel and out with friends.

Who allowed us to follow our dreams, wherever that path may take us, because ultimately our happiness makes them happy.

Who constantly shower us with unconditional love which we then go out and share that love with others, all the moms are single-handedly making this world a better place.

Who effortlessly show their children everyday the meaning of true strength, elegance and beauty.

To all of those women out there raising children or who have kids that are grown and out in the world chasing their dreams, today is your day. I want you to really think about all that you have sacrificed for us and all that you continue to do for your children. I hope you truly realize how appreciated and adored you are by them, whether they tell you enough or not.

To my mom, you are the most incredible woman I have or will ever meet. You inspire me to be my true self and show me every day the kind of woman I aim to be. You are the most selfless person I know and for that, I thank you. On some days you are my best friend and on others you are my worst enemy but everyday you are my Mother. I am eternally grateful that out of the 3.5 billion women in the world, I get to call you Mommy.

I love you more than anything and today, like everyday, I am thankful for you. Happy Mothers Day!


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